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From now on, stress is a choice.

The world’s first and only patented technology proven to lower stress and improve sleep quality without drugs – Just got an UPGRADE.

A quantum leap forward for the NuCalm relaxation experience.

NuCalm 2.0 gives you access to our brand new platform that delivers all of our future proprietary neuroacoustic software as it’s released – and it’s incredible.

Years in the making.

Over the last several years, Dr. Blake Holloway has developed more advanced and effective neuroacoustic software to improve the NuCalm experience. Dr. Holloway then collaborated with executive record producer, Dan Selene, to give NuCalm a profoundly improved listening experience.

Read Dr. Holloway’s take on the neuroscience behind NuCalm 2.0

The objectives behind inventing new NuCalm neuroacoustic software were to design physiologic outcomes focused on reboot, restore, and rebalance… like fine tuning a musical instrument.

I focused on 4 critical areas of the brain: the reticular activating system, the corpus callosum, the HPA axis, and the autonomic nervous system. To create effective neurobiofeedback within the complexities of the brain, I leveraged the auditory motor cortex, not just as a gateway for collecting auditory signals, but for its function in stimulating the prefrontal and frontal motor cortex. The brain is nonlinear, thus using proprietary methods to present patterns that the brain won’t easily get bored with is a challenge. The binaural beat, frequency-following-response neurobiofeedback is foundational to the software but cannot be the only effective elements. I also used specific techniques to evoke potential on a cellular level and increase electrical output focused on certain brain regions.

New discoveries in neuroscience over the past decade allowed me to develop a neuroacoustic file that is faster acting, provides a deeper recovery and restoration experience, and predictably balances the mind and body. The collaboration with Dan Selene adds a further level of complexity to the tracks due to the synergy between the software driver portion and the carrier of the software, which is the music integration that augments the outcome. I am excited for you to experience deep restoration and balance as we continue to help the planet by managing stress on a personal level.

Dr. Blake Holloway

Read Dan Selene's story behind the music of NuCalm 2.0

I’ve been in music production and sound design as an executive producer for over 40 years including co-founding the record label Higher Octave that was acquired by Virgin Records. I understand the complexities of music production and as a fitness enthusiast also understand the quest for personal development and peak performance. When I was invited by Mr. Poole to collaborate with Dr. Holloway to develop soundtracks for the world’s most powerful neuroacoustic software I embraced the opportunity with enthusiasm and humility.

From the first time I used NuCalm, I realized it was a quantum leap in personal growth and wellness through profound restoration and recovery. NuCalm effortlessly brings my mind and body into a state of ease reminiscent of my deepest meditation and restoration experiences. Since NuCalm’s effects are cumulative, my experience has continued to deepen over time and I am grateful for the revitalizing and restorative effects on my body, including vastly improved sleep quality. I believe that spending time in the ‘NuCalm zone’ is among the most valuable things a human being can ever experience. So I am coming from a place of appreciation as a daily user of NuCalm and it is my joyful intention to provide the best possible NuCalm experiences for NuCalm users all over the world.

The advanced neurobiofeedback neuroacoustic software files developed by Dr. Holloway contain the most sophisticated algorithms and frequency matrix I have ever worked with. Creating a balanced catalog of NuCalm soundtracks on top of the physics requires a variety of styles and genres. To accomplish this, I have a team of composers, musicians, audio engineers, lawyers, and licensing specialists. Together, we are creating harmonious soundtracks by incorporating inspired music, natural environments and other audio elements. This process is part creative artistry and part scientific method. The science involves meticulously creating each segment of music matched to the time signatures of the pitch and frequency matrix of the underlying physics using the world’s most advanced audio engineering technologies.

The first track we are releasing is called NuCalm Relax. It is digitally mastered at 320 kbps to optimize clarity and incorporates licensed music tracks from a renowned artist, and holophonic 3D recordings of night sounds at a vortex in Sedona, Arizona as well as sunrise at the ocean in Big Sur, California. It is an honor and pleasure to bring this transformational neuroacoustic track to the world… I hope you enjoy it!

Dan Selene, Executive Music Producer

What is NuCalm 2.0?

NuCalm is patented neuroscience technology designed to naturally relax your mind and body within minutes and without drugs. NuCalm uses biochemistry, physics, and neurophysiology to rapidly and reliably create deep relaxation. There are no side effects, no recuperative time or supervision needed.

NuCalm is comprised of four key components that work in synergy. It only takes a couple minutes to administer the 4 steps and the relaxation experience begins almost immediately.

Since sound is such an important element for the NuCalm experience, we knew this brilliant new software needed to be delivered on an equally brilliant listening platform. NuCalm’s patent-pending neuroacoustic tracks are now accessed through the NuCalm app that is preloaded onto a Samsung Galaxy tablet and listened to through crystal clear JBL noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones. Now you will experience the beauty, detail, and ambiance of each NuCalm track like never before.

STEP 1: NuCalm Supplementation - Topical Cream or Chewable Supplements

The first step is to apply a topical cream, or chew dietary supplements, that are designed to counteract adrenaline. The proprietary NuCalm formula provides the brain with the key nutrients and all-natural amino acids needed to relax.

STEP 2: Microcurrent Stimulation

A sub-sensory microcurrent used to catalyze the effectiveness of the NuCalm supplementation to interrupt the body’s natural stress response. Research shows this microcurrent helps balance the brain’s neurochemistry by reestablishing optimal neurotransmitter levels. You won’t feel it while it’s working.

STEP 3: NuCalm Neuroacoustic Software App & Headphones

NuCalm invented and uses the world’s most sophisticated proprietary neuroacoustic software to oscillate brainwave function between deep relaxation and recovery (alpha and theta zones).

NuCalm Neuroacoustic Software Library (NuCalm app)

  • App designed to play NuCalm’s neuroacoustic software
  • Access to NuCalm’s future software releases
  • Create playlists. Play NuCalm on continuous play and more
  • Collect data to track user mood enhancement and more

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

  • Easy to set out of the way and relax
  • 7 inch
  • Up to 9hrs battery life
  • Bluetooth / wireless listening
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

JBL Everest Elite 700 Headset

  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Noise cancelling: immersive experience of noise-cancelling with the ability to control the amount of outside noise
  • Sculpted ear cushions providing unprecedented fit on your ears
  • TruNote™ auto sound calibration
  • 15-hour rechargeable battery
  • Auto-off to save battery life
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
STEP 4: Eye mask

Light-blocking eye masks help eliminate visual stimuli and maintain a deep state of relaxation

The combination of these four components provides a fully immersive experience, erasing stress and anxiety to achieve a deep level of calm.

So, what’s in the future software releases?

(1 minute sample)

by NuCalm Relax I | ST2001_Music by Ottmar Liebert

(3 minute sample)

by NuCalm Relax II | ST2002_Music by SoundTonics

(3 minute sample)

by NuCalm Relax III | ST2003_Music by SoundTonics

New NuCalm neuroacoustic software tracks in development

We currently have a catalog of 23 new NuCalm neuroacoustic tracks in development specifically designed to help:

  • Improve performance
  • Manage stress
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Accelerate muscle recovery
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve memory
  • Improve mental focus
  • Prepare for competition
  • Manage jet lag
  • Aid in cancer recovery

These tracks will only available through the NuCalm app and released incrementally after they go through a rigorous R&D process, copyright/licensing agreement process and patents are filed.

Who’s using NuCalm?

NuCalm found an immediate market with dental patients to make them feel more relaxed and comfortable in the dental chair. The technology has been used by over 700,000 dental patients with over 95% satisfaction. NuCalm is also being used by 31 professional sports teams, the world’s top MMA fighters, golfers, tennis players, and Olympians in London, Sochi, and Rio. Experts in the fields of oncology, plastic surgery, addictive disease, psychotherapy, medical weight loss, private jet pilots, celebrities, and top executives use NuCalm to lower stress and improve performance.

And, you can see from this article, Tony Robbins is also a big fan of the NuCalm system. Because when you have a schedule as demanding as his, and time is the ultimate premium, finding an effective way to rejuvenate and refresh your body can be one of the best tools in your arsenal.

“I am being told by patients that this is the best dental visit they’ve ever had. NuCalm has made an incredible impact on my practice. Working on a relaxed patient allows the entire office to be in a complete state of calm.” – David A. Smith, DDS

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Will I need access to WiFi to use NuCalm?

Yes, the NuCalm system now uses an app to deliver the neuroacoustic software tracks, which requires wireless access to the internet.

What does NuCalm feel like?

The NuCalm 2.0 experience

(Written by a daily NuCalm user describing her experience while using NuCalm’s newest track: NuCalm Relax)

Big Sur, California
Imagine you’re on the white sand beach of a peaceful cove in Big Sur, California. The temperature is 70 degrees. The refreshing, crisp breeze brings a delightful smell of the salty Pacific Ocean air. Your breath starts to sync with the waves as you feel them gently ebb and flow through your toes. With each exhale, your body relaxes further.

The only concept of time you feel is from watching the mesmerizing sunset fade into the ocean’s horizon. Thoughts float through your mind as they normally do, but then they’re carried away by the harmony of nature’s sounds along with the strumming of an acoustic guitar as if it’s playing a soundtrack to match how you feel.

The glow of the moon and stars illuminate the waves as you drift into a meditative rest. As the sun starts to peak up, birds sing their stories in the distance. Your energy feels peaceful and light. You are recharged and ready to be the best version of you today.